Corporate Overview

go-greenPlanGlobal is a leader in merchant services. We offer businesses low cost affordable credit card processing solutions, Point of Service (POS) cloud solutions, e-commerce solutions, WordPress website design, website hosting, business email, and business consulting. All this combined with our superior customer service makes us your choice for all your merchant services needs!

PlanGlobal also believes in our internal organization…our employees and contractors! Our employees and contractors are what builds our successful business! We believe in providing our employees and contractors with top level training, support, and the tools needed to provide our customers top level customer service. PlanGlobal understands that we are no longer in a 9-5 environment and who wants to be anyway. With our state of the art cloud servers we can allow our employees flexible work schedule and the ability to work from home. Giving employees more time to spend with their family and friends while at the same time providing for their family!

PlanGlobal is involved in several philanthropy projects. We believe in giving back to our world. PlanGlobal is a   “GREEN”    company. Because of our investment in cloud computing technology we have the ability to be 99.9% paperless. We utilize .pdf documents and E-signature technology to be able to digitally sign documents. This gives us the opportunity to go paperless. We ask you…our customers to please accept our documents, marketing material, and contracts in digital format to help the environment and to provide a clean environment for generations to come! When providing us documents please scan/email your documents.  GO “GREEN” for our children!