Affiliate FAQs

Affiliate Program FAQs

Do I need a website?

No, you do not need to have a website to be an affiliate. Of course a website can help advertise and market but many of our affiliates do not have a website.  Some of our affiliates are door to door sales associates who visit businesses everyday. While visiting businesses they also ask if they are looking for a better service, better rates, easier PCI compliance with their merchant services, if they say yes. They inform the business that a PlanGlobal.net associate will be giving them a call and will prepare a free proposal for them.


Who should become an affiliate?

Anyone that is looking for a new income stream and offering their potential customers the best merchant services, website hosting, and web design available.

Our affiliate program is perfect for:

  • CPA Firms
  • Tax Accountants
  • Book Keepers
  • Realtors
  • Attorneys
  • High School and College Students
  • At Home Parents
  • B2B Businesses
  • Individuals that want to work from home
  • anyone that wants to add a new monthly income stream

We have part time college students that use our affiliate program to make extra cash to pay for their college books and then have monthly deposits for extra spending money through the semester or to take that fall/winter/spring break vacation with their friends.

We have tax accountants and other seasonal businesses where their busy season is from January – April or just a few months throughout the year. These types are businesses are looking for a income stream for their slower months.

Are affiliate program works for anyone that is looking to open a new monthly income stream!


Why should I become an affiliate?

There are several reasons why it would be beneficial to become an affiliate. Here are just a few reasons.

1. It opens a new monthly income stream. Rather your looking to do this just part time or full time with just one account you now have a monthly income stream that comes in each and every month.

2. Keep your current customers. Customers that utilize your services may also need merchant services, web hosting, and web design. If there shopping for merchant services and find a business that offers your services and our services they may switch to using that business.

3. Attract new customers. You specialize in the services that your provide to your customers. PlanGlobal specializes in merchant services, web site hosting, and web design. Combined with our specialties you can offer your customer a one stop shop which will prevent them from looking elsewhere.


Can I just provide contact information on potential customers?

Yes! if you prefer not to add any links to your website or you do not have a website, or you just have potential customers that are in need of merchant services, web hosting, and web deisgn you can just provide their contact information and we will do the rest.


Do I have to sell anything?

No, you do not have to sell anything. As an affiliate all you do is refer business over to us. We do all the selling for you and you collect the commission.


How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is register. From the main menu, under Affiliate Program, click affiliate portal or click this link https://planglobal.net/affiliate.


How much does it cost to register and get started?

$0.00. FREE! Our affiliate program is completely free.


How long do I receive residuals on an account?

As long as you’re compliant with the affiliate terms and conditions and within the scope of the terms and conditions,  you will receive residuals on all accounts that you refer over for the life of the account. This means as long as the business is in “live” status with PlayGlobal you will receive residuals on the account. This can be 5+ years.


When do I get paid?

Bounty bonuses are provided weekly. Residuals made by on or about the last business day of each month.


What is an affiliate program?

PlanGlobals affiliate program opens a new income stream for you. It allows you to refer individuals and businesses to us that are in need of a merchant services, website hosting, web design, and are other services that we offer.

(Merchant Services is the ability to accept credit cards)