Affiliate Program Commission Structure


Residual Income
Monthly Residual Income (For Life of Account) 70%
Merchant Service Activation Bonus
Up-Front Merchant Service Activation Signing Bounty (Only applies to NEW merchant service accounts. Does not apply to add-on locations, high risk accounts, and other limitations may apply.) $200.00
(per new account/MID)
Refer A New Affiliate To Us
Refer an Affiliate Bounty* $250.00
Refer an Affiliate Monthly Residuals (For Life!) 10%
Equipment Sales
Equipment Sales 25% on total*
Authorize.net Commission
Authorize.net Residual Income 70%

How do I get paid? Up-front bonuses are paid weekly. Monthly residuals are paid monthly on or about the last business day of the month. Residuals are paid for the previous month of processing. Residuals start after the first full month of processing. New account up-front bounties are not eligible until the merchant processes fifty dollars of transaction on their account. Refer an Affiliate bounty is paid out after the referred affiliate activates 5 new accounts. Equipment sales is the percentage of total equipment cost less shipping and taxes.