Large Affiliate Program

large_affiliatePlanGlobal caters to all types and sizes of organizations in our affiliate program. If your a large affiliate that creates 10 or more new merchant service accounts per month we can provide additional support to your organization. We will assign an individual account executive that can sign new clients at your business. They will dress to your business attire policy. They can meet with your customers at your place of business to review proposals, merchant statements, and complete the merchant service application with your customers. The account executive will work with you and your team to review potential leads, followup on leads, and close merchant service deals for you. 

We will also provide co-branded marketing material, printed material, website content, and in person and online training that you and your staff need. To be setup as a large affiliate please open a support ticket requesting this service.

The large affiliate program is perfect for banks, CPA firms, commercial law offices, web design firms, tax accountants, and medical billing companies.