Service / Gas Stations

service_stationsAt PlanGlobal, we understand the need for service stations and convenience stores to accept all types of payment including credit cards, debit cards, and Fleet cards. For this reason, we specialize in offering a wide range of options, including pay-at-the-pump solutions and traditional in-store payment methods. All merchants have the ability to receive a free petroleum based credit card terminal for the quick processing of corporate transactions. With our complete payment solution system, your business will be able to handle transactions in any volume and accept a wide of payment solutions.

We understand the need to provide reliable services at competitive rates, which is why we’re committed to giving you the best options while keeping our transaction and service fees among the lowest in the industry. Our services are also backed by free and unlimited use of our superior customer support department. We also have a variety of options available to help you reduce your credit card transaction fees.

All of our products include a complete reporting system that keep you in control of your business’ daily operations and expenses. All system software updates are also included in all packages free of charge, and we can work with your business to develop and implement a gift card program that is branded with your company’s image. Our complementary POS point of sale and inventory tracking system is a great way to maintain an accurate record of your inventory using the latest cloud technology available.

Whatever the size of your business, PlanGlobal has a customizable plan that will allow you to provide the service your customers have come to expect at rates you can afford. With the latest technology and a dedicated support team at your disposal, your business will thrive without sacrificing your bottom line!