Serviced Based Businesses

markets_serviceIn the service based industry merchants require a multitude of different technology for the types of service based businesses in the world today. Service based businesses may have a storefront where others don’t always have an employee available to handle the tasks of issuing invoices and accepting payments. Many work from home or on a remote job sites. Trust your service based business merchant service account to a company that specializes in processing credit card transactions, providing the tools needed to maintain and grow your business, and the support you require!

Why service based merchants choose PlanGlobal?

PlanGlobal is able to offer service based merchants a host of valuable tools to make accepting credit card transactions an easy option for both the merchant and the customer.

With our LOW rates this gives our merchants the ability to have more capital to use on their business.

PlanGlobal has high quality, EMV compliant, low cost credit card terminals. If a merchant would like to accept pin debit transaction we have low cost EMV compliant, easy to use, debit pin pads.

For merchants that require a virtual terminal, PlanGlobal can provide your business the ability to accept payments securely from almost any computer with internet capabilities. Virtual terminals can also do recurring credit card charges at certain times of the year. This makes subscription based purchases hassle free!

PlanGlobal offers our superior support free of charge to all our customers. We do not charge for support! If you succeed we succeed! We’re here to help you!

Contact PlanGlobal and discover how PlanGlobal can help you operate your service based business more efficiently and less costly!