Accepting Credit Cards

accept_ccWhy lose business by not accepting credit cards? As a business owner, give customers as many opportunities as possible to pay you. When a business states that it does not accept credit / debit cards, many customers will turn around and make purchases elsewhere.

There is always a percentage of customers who would like to or need to purchase a product, but do not at the time have enough money in their bank account to do so. Giving customers the credit card option will increase the chances of you making a sale.

Some customers will also purchase certain products only if they can use credit, like business travelers. Making purchases via a credit card or debit card will allow customers to keep track of their purchases, since the credit card statement will organize the monthly purchases for them.

Businesses that wish to accept credit cards will need to first obtain a merchant account. PlanGlobal makes obtaining a merchant account simple and fast! From the main menu, under “Merchant Services” click “Apply Now”.

One of the advantages of accepting credit cards is that you the merchant can view all your transactions through our online merchant service reporting system. This makes it easy to track financial activity which includes transaction, batches, and deposits.

The advantage of having us, PlanGlobal is that we offer the best customer service in the industry. We will be there every step of the way to help you setup your merchant service account. And the continued support that your business requires. Call PlanGlobal at anytime to learn more about all of our solutions or click the live help box below.

Next day funding has specific requirements that must be met and the merchant must be approved. Not all merchant can be approved for next day funding. Restriction apply. Please contact a PlanGlobal representative for specific details.