ACH Electronic Check

ACHACH, a nationwide financial network for electronic transactions, makes shopping and bill paying quicker and easier. Businesses who want to increase profitability by accepting electronic checks must have an account with an authorized merchant service such as PlanGlobal. Obtaining a merchant account through PlanGlobal is quick and easy. Within days your business can provide the option for customers to pay for products and/or services through an electronic check payment processing service. There is a vast array of benefits for customers who rely on ACH for accepting payments,including:

  • Processing costs are less than they are for credit cards
  • Merchants can expand their revenues by accepting a wide range of payment options
  • Merchants can utilize ACH for recurring payments and/or subscriptions
  • Deposit of funds is quicker than with paper checks

Providing an ACH option for customers means they only have to provide the routing number and bank account for purchases; no paper checks are needed. The funds are then transferred directly to the business. If an order is placed over the phone, as a business owner with a  PlanGlobal merchant account, you simply type in the routing number and account number to have the funds transferred to your business. With ACH service customers can make recurring payments,including utility bills, without calling the business on a regular basis. The service can also be used for business-to-business payments and payments for state, local and federal taxes.