API Solutions


One of the main concerns online shoppers have, is when they get ready to pay for all the items in their shopping cart, will their payment information be safe and secure? PlanGlobal offers the safest API products available. The API programs through the Trust Commerce and Authorize.net run silently in the background, safeguarding your customer’s payment information.

Not only does the API product protect the customer, but it protects the merchant as well. The application will verify if the information provided by the customer is correct. If all information has been verified to be correct, the payment is then confirmed. When your business takes advantage of the easy-to-use APIs offered through PlanGlobal, you will be capable of processing payments with your PlanGlobal merchant service account.

Your payment gateway handles the entire process for you. The API code will gather the information from your customer’s credit card, route it to the correct parties and request the funds for the customers purchase. As soon as we receive an answer, you will know if the request for funds was approved or declined. This happens in seconds.

With our API partners its easy to attach your online shopping cart to your merchant service account. You can also create code for a custom website or program to accept payments. This is all down easily with our API products.