Credit Card Terminals

cc_terminalsAs retail merchants, having a credit card machine can be the difference between making a sale and losing one. If you do not have the capability of accepting credit card payments, you are limiting your ability to make a sale. Here at PlanGlobal, we provide a vast array of terminal options so you can find the best one to suit your needs. Whether you own a brick and mortar retail shop or sell through trade shows, we can help you find the perfect terminal for your business.

Budget Terminals for Small Businesses
A manual credit card machine is the perfect option for small business owners. This is a standard in-store terminal that fits on the counter, that is easy to use and that produces an imprint of the customer’s credit card details when processing the transaction.

Multiple Merchant Terminals
Multiple merchant terminals are used for multiple businesses or merchants, for example in a hair salon where there are several stylists and each stylist needs an individual merchant account that is shared through one terminal.

Built-in Check Reader Terminals
If your business accepts paper checks, you should use a terminal with a built-in check reader. This terminal has electronic check acceptance which means no more bounced checks, because the terminal automatically determines if there are funds in the account to cover the check.

External or Internal Pin Pads For Credit Card Terminals
There are two options available for terminals with pin pads, an internal pin pad or an external pin pad. Both pin pads are encrypted, and both pads have flashing. An encrypted format is used to send credit card information that is unreadable by humans. Flashing is the ability to clear the memory of a pin pad, so a new encryption can be entered. An external pin pad is a piece of equipment that is attached to the credit card machine and is the most common. An internal pin pad is built-in the credit card machine.

Wireless Terminals
If your business is on the go, where you might sell products/services at trade shows, a flea market, and mall kiosk or provide food delivery, then a wireless terminal is the best option. These terminals are small and lightweight. They work off of your cellular service and/or batteries.

Credit card readers for smart devices
This is a wireless credit card reader that is attached to your cell phone or other smart device. This is the perfect terminal for mobile retail businesses such as food delivery.

Virtual terminals
A virtual terminal is used if you provide services/products through the internet. For example, hotels use virtual terminals to take reservation payments. A virtual terminal can also be used if you make transactions over the phone, for example a restaurant that delivers. With a virtual terminal, online purchases can be connected with the online stores shopping cart.