EBT Electronic Benefit Transfer

pin_debitWith our merchant service account you won’t need additional equipment to take electronic benefit transfers, also known as EBT (food stamp) purchases. Once your merchant service account is live with us, you could use your current credit card processing terminal* to accept EBT transactions. This cuts down on extra equipment, the need to purchase additional equipment, and training staff on multiple terminals.*

PlanGlobal can reprogram many terminals to work on our system. There are certain terminals that are not compatible to with our system and a approved terminal will be needed. PlanGloball offers free terminals with many of our merchant service accounts. EBT must be applied for and additional transaction fees apply. You must have an active EBT account with the state you will be accepting EBT with. DS Financial does not offer state EBT accounts, the merchant must apply for EBT directly with the state.