Gift Card Program

gift_cardsGift cards are a great way to attract new customers and to bring back existing customers to your business. Many businesses are realizing the importance of gift cards. Businesses may want to utilize gift cards for things such as brand awareness and marketing.

Businesses can benefit from offering customers gift cards as it is an easy way to let others know about your business and to add additional income streams to your business. Gift cards can be branded with your business’ logo which will create brand awareness. When customers see your gift card with your logo in their wallet or purse it reminds them to go back to your business.

A business can also use gift cards for marketing. Business can place an certain amount of funds on a gift card, lets say $5.00 on a and hand them out to customers. Customers use the $5.00 gift card will most likely spend more than $5.00.

There are several reporting features of gift cards. The business owner can find out how much is on a customer’s gift card and when it was activated. The business owner can also find out if the customer replenishes the gift card and their transaction history. This can help with future marketing plans.