Pin Debit

Pin DebitMerchants that do not accept PIN based debit cards are missing out on a large group of consumers that frequently shop using their debit cards. The trends among consumers show that more and more people are using their PIN debit cards, so merchants definitely should take advantage of this growing trend and the option to be able to accept those consumers’ PIN debit cards.

One of the best reasons to accept debit cards is that merchants pay significantly lower fees for transactions when compared to credit cards. This can save quite a bit of money in merchant services fees.

Debit cards are normally safer to accept than credit cards. Merchants do not have to worry nearly as much about fraud with PIN based debit cards. Payments made with the use of debit cards are less likely to have chargebacks due to fraudulent activity.

PlanGlobal Pin Debit Features:

  • Secure reliable PIN input for debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and other PIN-based transactions
  • Supports the full range of 3DES security options, including 3DES Master/Session keys and 3DES DUKPT.
  • PED Approved by Visa and MasterCard for secure pin entry
  • Meets ISO and ANSI standards for PIN encryption.
  • Has large, hard-rubber keys that provide better tactile feedback.