Virtual Terminals

virtual_terminalsThe term 9 to 5 has been replaced with the internet. Being able to take payment at any time and any place is vital for many types of businesses. Utilizing the Internet and new forms of technology has proven to be a success for companies looking to maximize their profits. Virtual terminals are online credit card terminals where business owners can accept secure credit card payments from customers on almost any internet related computer. This streamlines the buying and selling process, allowing for quicker transactions and increase revenue for many types of businesses including attorneys, consultants, and at home businesses. If you’re looking for a way to maximize your profits while utilizing current technology, look no further than virtual terminals.

Virtual terminals can also be used for recurring billing / subscription purchases. You can enter the business payment information and setup a recurring schedule where the virtual terminal will automatically charge the payment on the specific day. For example, if you business needs to setup a a recurring purchase that charges the customer once a month, then a virtual terminal is the perfect tool for your business.

A virtual terminal can also store the customer payment information for future charges with our secure PCI compliant vault. Have peace of mind that your customers credit card information is secure and have the ability to charge it when they authorize the purchase.