Wireless Equipment

wirelessWireless credit card terminals are the perfect merchant solution for those businesses on-the-go. The wireless feature allows payment to be collected from your customers virtually anywhere, and if the terminal includes a PIN pad, debit cards payments can also be made. There are various styles and types of terminals available to meet the needs of every type of business. The terminals are very safe, efficient, and easy to operate.

The ability to collect point-of-sale payments can help your business cut costs and increase sales, as well as profits. If you own a business on-the-go, such as a building contractor, repairman, or caterer, the wireless credit card terminal eliminates the need to mail an invoice since you can collect same day payment. This service is also perfect for businesses that operate at nontraditional locations, such as flea markets, outdoor booths, trade shows, parties and other outdoor events because it allows you to accept credit card, as well as cash payments.